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National Wealth Center offers a total of 6 membership levels, but we are only going to focus on the 3. The started level is the Self Development level which is $25 a month. A Real Life Prosperity we believe in bringing people in the business at the cheapest and most affordable level, implementing a strategy that allows the business to pay for it's self, and upgrading to $50 Business Development, and $100 Wealth Development Levels as you go. Now you will only get paid for the membership levels you are apart of. Meaning if you join at the $25 Self Development Level you will only be paid on those you sign up on that level. If you do you not have the $50 Business, and $100 Wealth Development Levels and you sign up someone on those levels then the commission will be passed up to the next qualified person. This is why we stress up upgrading as soon as possible. 

National Wealth Center utilizes the Power of 4 Strategy. This means in order to really get your National Wealth Center business up and going full force all you have to do is bring 4 people into the opportunity. Like many Network Marketing Businesses, National Wealth Center uses a pass-up system they call the reverse 2 up system where you pass up 2 of 4 people you bring into the opportunity. This creates a linear compounding income. Now before you turn away let's see how this benefits you. What sets National Wealth Center apart from other Network Marketing Businesses, aside from the vast amount of education, is when you bring in your first person you break even on your membership for the National Wealth Center business, and you're ready to enter into making profit. The 2nd person you bring into the opportunity passes up to your sponsor (the person that brought you into the opportunity), you keep and get paid on your 3rd person, and pass up the 4th person you bring in. This makes you 100% qualified and everyone you bring into the opportunity affiliate the 4th person you keep and get paid for. This is the same thing that is going to happen when you help the people you signed up get their 4 people, you become the sponsor, and you get 2 out of the 4 people brought in passed up to you. 

IMPORTANT: National Wealth Center pays 100% commissions and the payment goes directly from member to member unless you choose otherwise, How does National Wealth Center afford to do this? Well, National Wealth Center charges a $9.95 administration fees in addition to your membership level fee, in order to cover the cost of the website, back office, and other tools necessary to run your National Wealth Center business. Pictured below is a more detailed breakdown on how much you can earn monthly with National Wealth Center's compensation Plan .

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